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Thanks to primary photographer Tom Hobley!

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The Annual Fall Fair

The 98th Annual Fall Fair will be held on August 17th, 2024!

We look forward to seeing you there!

We need you:

If you would like to volunteer in 2024, or have questions and comments please contact


Please check back later for 2024 Fall Fair Information

These forms below will be updated closer to the 2024 Fall Fair date.

Read the Zucchini Race Instructions:

The Parade: please check back later for the new schedule and entry forms!


Many thanks to the volunteers, sponsors and advertisers who make this fair possible!

Mayne Island Agricultural Society and Fall Fair

430 Fernhill Road

Mayne Island, BC, Canada

V0N 2J2

Opening Hours:

The Ag Hall is open as per activities,

please check our calendar. 


Become a Member of the Society:

Contribute to our Work:

Preserving Our Past ~ Building Our Future

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