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Mayne Island Agricultural Society and Fall Fair
Board Information, Member
ship, Meetings and Documents


The Mayne Island Agricultural Society promotes and celebrates the value of agriculture and horticulture on Mayne Island through education, events and programs. Drawing on deep historic Mayne Island roots, and using our unique facilities, the Society’s actions strengthen connections to an agrarian past and help build a self-reliant, economically viable island community for the future.

What We Do

The Society operates out of the Agricultural Hall at 430 Fernhill Road. We organize and deliver the Annual Fall Fair, provide the Hall and Grounds for booking community or private events, manage the Mayne Island Museum and Thrift Stores, and partner with various, significant local organizations to bring dynamic events and projects to the community.

Board Members and Administration

President: Tina Hudson

Vice President: David Rae

Treasurer: John Drope

Administrative Support: TBA

Director and Thrift Store Manager: Linda Beer

Director and Museum Manager: Marie Claude Colins

Director at Large and Web Editor: Rebecca Skiffington

Director at Large: Lise McLeod

Director at Large: Joanna Weeks

Director at Large: Karen Ramlo

Director at Large: Jeff Hansen


Board Meetings are held in the Ag Hall on the last Thursday of every month at 10:00am.

General members are welcome to join the meetings at 11:00am

Membership: Join the Society

Joining the Society as a member allows you to attend Board meetings for input and information sharing. Memberships are five dollars per person. 


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